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Class Timetable

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Little Ninjas

Kids form 6 to 10 years of age. A fun and engaging class developing balance, co-ordination, flexibility and confidence.


An intermediate class for kids, developing skills to assist in their progression towards the Young Samurai class.

Young Samurai

11 to 14 years of age. Advanced movement patterns and fundementals. Developing discipline, resilience and leadership qualities.


15 years and up. An inclusive class combining technical karate, confidence building, fitness and personal growth. Introduces practical applications.

Black Belts

Advanced kata and bunkai. Understanding the principals of pragmatic application and tai sebaki. An introduction to traditional hojo undo.

Kumite Fundimentals

An introduction to sparring. A strong focus on footwork, fitness and defensive applications.

Advanced Kumite

Developing strategies and tactical principals. Understanding ringcraft and character traits of yourself and your opponent. 

Mobility & Stretching/Yoga

Movement awareness building muscular awareness and proprioception through Stretching, foam rolling, trigger point and stability exercises intended to improve daily wellbeing.

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